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This website mintained by K.V.Raghunathreddy. this website created to share knowledge each other in multiple ways

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What is IT TECH STUFF !!!!

IT TECH STUFF is a website which was created and maintained by K.V.Raghunathreddy.thich website was connected to one website to another website which was created by me then every one can access my data at on one place without loosing time to search from other site.

our other website Information

1) Main website: if this website was down you can access from our main website..

2) Our Blog : where you can access my articles data related to systems,internet,servers Etc..

3) LinkedIn : Like to Know About me via LinkedIn

4) Facebook : you can contact me via Facebook Page

5) Youtube : we have already started our youtube channel

Main website: 99.9% website are up but there is chance of 1% so we have maintaining our first website.

Our Blog : Articles which are added related to systems , internet , servers , websites about resolving.

LinkedIn :this is a application by linkedin where you can contact me directly and also some extra information.

Facebook :we are also maintaining a facebook page where u can access our updates and information.

Youtube : Most of members can understand through articles by reading text but some of members mostly visit videos which makes easier to understand.

About Me

K.Bhaskar Venkata Raghunath Reddy

[email protected]



Youtube :World Wild Movies

Total 6 years and 7 Months

Compleated B.Com Computers with P.G.D.H.t , M.C.IT.P, M.C.P.S, M.C.S.A, M.C.T.S

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